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A vertical ID issued by an US state government with an expiration date 30-days past the presenter's 21st birthday is not a valid ID to access liquor within the state of Arizona. If an Arizona establishment asks a patron for an ID and the only ID the patron can present is a vertical ID with an expiration date that is 30-days past the presenter's 21st birthday, it is unlawful for that retailer to sell or serve the patron liquor.

The most common way for underage to access liquor is by using someone else's vertical ID. Arizona's liquor industry retailers proposed the new vertical ID law to eliminate this practice. The law went into effect on July 24, 2014.

An unexpected consequence of the new law is when patrons, age 21 or older, are asked for ID and have only a vertical ID from Arizona or the state their visiting from, they cannot be legally served or sold liquor. This has caused patrons of legal drinking age to be denied service and responsibly operated liquor establishments to loose valuable business.

Although business establishments cannot accept a vertical ID as verification of legal age, they are not violating the law selling/serving persons age 21 or older. When asked for an ID, the patron must produce one. Businesses may serve only those persons known to be age 21 or older and, to avoid a violation, may verify this knowledge by completing forms which document due diligence such as the ID log:

Use this link to review the law regarding accepting vertical IDs (A.R.S. §4-241(K)(1)) and the Industry Notice.

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