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Direct Shipment Application Kit (Series 17)

Direct Shipment Application Kit (Series 17)

This non-transferable, non-renewable liquor license allows an out-of-state distiller, vintner, brewer, rectifier, blender or other producer of spirituous liquor to ship liquor to a licensed Arizona wholesaler and through a licensed Arizona retailer, with all applicable taxes paid, before the product may be received by a consumer.

A Direct Shipment License is valid for three years. A resident of this state who is 21 years old or older may order spirituous liquor for their personal use from a Direct Shipment Licensee in person, via telephone, mail, catalog or on the Internet as long as all such shipments are made to and through an Arizona licensed wholesaler and an off-sale (carry-out) Arizona-licensed retailer. Other than this exception, Internet sale of liquor is not permitted in the state of Arizona. A.R.S. §4-203.04

Accepted Forms of Payment

You may pay fees using one of these payment methods:
  1. cash
  2. personal check
  3. money order
  4. cashier's check
Credit cards are not accepted.
Make check out to "Department of Liquor".


Period of Issuance: Three years; no renewal. A new license may be applied for within 90 days of expiration of original license.
Application Fees:
Non-refundable application fee: $25.00 for a 3-year license. Contact the Liquor Licensing Division - Directory by Agency Division
Fingerprint fee per card: Not applicable.
Interim Permit fee: Not applicable.