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Department of Liquor Licenses and Control
Agency Name Arizona's Official Web Site

Other Online Licensing Processes Outside of E-Licensing Tool

In order to continue providing business services, this online tool is available to customers and licensees to upload the required licensing documents. Licensees and applicants are responsible to ensure all necessary documents, signatures are included. All fees are required.

If you are unable to find what you are looking for below, please Click here to be directed to the landing page for the department's primary e-licensing system. The majority of licensing actions are found there.

Please login below to complete any of the licensing-related tasks on this page.

  1. E-License System User Access Code Request (Download and Notarize)
    Note: Notary required prior to upload   Login below

  2. Non-judicial Foreclosure (Download) Login below

  3. Statement of Legal or Equitable Interest (Download) Login below


  • You must download the form for the task you wish to perform. (see above for download)
  • Fill out the form ONLINE (your typed in name will serve as your signature), and then save it to your hard drive
  • ONLY documents in PDF format are accepted.
  • Be sure to use the license number in the name of the file you save to your hard drive
    Example: 1207X123_RenewalDeferral.pdf
  • For best results, DO NOT use the pound or hash sign, (#) or other punctuation when saving your file.
  • No spaces and no puncuation other than the underscore (_) allowed in the filename.

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