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Department of Liquor Licenses and Control
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E-Licensing FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

What advantages are there in using the e-license system?

The system affords customers a new interactive experience with the department with unparalleled control of personal calendars. Customers choosing to use the online tool will find the new "virtual" department is open for business around the clock, and includes weekends and holidays. All that is needed is an internet connection, suitable computing device, and a major credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover). From there, a majority of the department's essential licensing functions up to and including license issuance, can be done without ever stepping foot in the office.

What license-type applications can be done in the system?

Series Type of License New Application Renewal
001 In-State Producer Y Y
002 Out-of-State Producer Y Y
02D Out-of State Craft Distiller Y Y
02L Out-of State Craft Winery Y Y
02M Limited Out-of State Microbrewery Y Y
02W Out-of-State Farm Winery Y Y
003 Microbrewery Y Y
004 Wholesaler Y Y
005 Government Y Y
006 Bar Y Y
007 Beer & Wine Bar Y Y
008 Conveyance Y Y
009 Liquor Store Y Y
09S Liquor Store Sampling Y Y
010 Beer & Wine Store Y Y
10S Beer & Wine Store Sampling Y Y
011 Hotel/Motel Y Y
012 Restaurant Y Y
12G Restaurant Growler Y Y
013 Farm Winery Y Y
014 Private Club Y Y
015 Special Event N N
016 Festival / Fair N N
17W Direct Shipment Wine Y Y
018 Craft Distillery Y Y
019 Remote Tasting Room Y Y
020 Alternating Proprietorship Y Y
021 Custom Crush Y Y
BYO Bring Your own bottle Y NA
INP Interim Permit Y NA

When can I renew a license online?

Licenses available for renewal online show up in an authorized user's account 45-days ahead of the license expiration date. An authorized use is the Agent or Licensee, as well as all online user accounts linked to the Agent or Licensee. Renewals are the simplest license application job the system has to offer and department customers are highly encouraged to leverage this benefit.

As a courtesy, the e-license system is set to deliver electronic renewal notices to customers who have an email on record in the department database. Notices will be sent to the email address of the Agent or Licensee (if the department has an email address on file), as well as the email addresses of all e-licensing user accounts linked to the Agent or Licensee. Emails will not be sent to Agents or Licensees of "Special Event" and "Fair Festival" license types. The email will come from [email protected]. Customers should ensure personal setting are configured to accept mail from this source.

Customers should not rely on system notification to manage license renewals. As electronics can and do fail, the department will not wave late fees due to system error tied to notification.

Customers with multiple licenses that renew at the same time will receive a system email for each license. The system is not malfunctioning. Rather, the system does not have logic built in to recognize an email that shows up more than once in its auto-generation tool and batch those notices. The department also has no way to alter this mechanism.

Can I do batch renewals in the e-licensing system?

No. The department renewal process requires license specific response information from a customer on each individual license. The system does not provide for the entry of unique licensing data and customer batching of licenses at the same time.

What other administrative or ownership changes can be done against an existing license?

Licensing Activity E-Licensing Capable
Search for Issued License Y
Search for Issued License Y
Submit a Complaint Y
License Transfer to New Owner Y
Add Secondary License Y
Agent Change Y
Acquisition of Control Y
Restructure Y
Inactive Y
Name Change Y
Miscellaneous File Updates Y

What other Licensing functions are available online but outside the e-license system?

Click "Go" in the table below to access that online feature.
Licensing Activity enabled
Act of Violence Report Coming soon
Activate License Go
Annual Production Report Go
Business Data Report Coming soon
Direct Shipment Report Go
Extension of Premises Go
Fair Festival Go
Liquor License Lottery Annual
Manager: Add/Remove Go
Officer Add/Remove Go
Non-Judicial Foreclosure Go
Public Records Request Go
Sampling Events Go
Special Event Application Go
Special Event Contractor Go
Withdraw Application Go

What is an Access Code?

The Access Code (AC) is the e-license system's key that connects a user's registration to system recorded licenses. The AC is generated at the legal entity level, and can be an individual and non-individual.

  • Club
  • Corporation
  • Government
  • Individual
  • Licensed Location
  • Limited Liability Corporation
  • Other
  • Partnership
  • Partnership Et Al
  • Sole Proprietorship
  • Tribe
  • Trust

New applications completed in the system will be automatically linked to the user completing the entry. Existing licenses can be added to a user's registration by adding a legal entity's AC to the user's "My Profile" account settings area found after signing in to the system. A user with an AC to a legal entity has the ability to view and make electronic changes to the legal entity licensee file. The owner/agent to a legal entity are cautioned about controlling the dissemination of their AC to others based on edit privileges.

A licensed entity can have multiple legal entities associated within the system. For instance, a licensed location, ownership, and agent on record are all valid legal entities. All three can have individual access codes. A registered user with the AC for the licensed location will have edit capable access and privileges for the specific licensed location. A user with the AC for an owner will have edit capable access and privileges for all licenses the owner is associated with. Similarly, a user with the AC for an agent will have edit capable access and privileges for all licenses the agent is associated with.

New users to the system wanting to conduct business with this department on an existing licensed location will need to obtain their access code ahead of registering for a new account. Please see Getting Started - Existing Licensees on the department's e-license landing page.

Accessing the Online E-Licensing System

How do I obtain my Access Code?
The department offers three avenues for obtaining your Access Code (AC). Please see Getting Started - Existing Licensees on the department's e-license landing page for information. The process for a lost AC is the same as an existing licensee's first-time use of the system.

Because of privacy and security associated with ACs, a request for a lost code will be sent to the owner or agent on record with the department based on whichever legal entity is listed as the department's primary point of contact.
I forgot or lost my password. What should I do?
Click on the "Forgot My Password" link on the sign in page.
Once you've reset your password, wait until you receive an email from the system.
Click on the Activation Link in the email to complete the process. You may login after this step is complete.

Be sure to check your spam/junk mail folder for the system email.
I think the security of my Access Code may be in jeopardy, what do I do?
Cyber security and disgruntled employees leaving businesses represent real threats to online system security. If you believe either are at issue, and you are the legal entity on record with this department with the authority to take action against a licensed entity file, please visit the Troubleshooting E-Licensing webpage and submit a ticket under the Security code and request for this department to regenerate your access code (AC).

Understand that with this request, a new AC will be generated at whatever legal entity level the request is authored. With this, all users who previously had access to the at-risk legal entity will have their system connection terminated, and with this, their ability to use online tools to effect business against associated licenses. It is the responsibility of the owner/agent of record with the department to obtain the new AC generated for the legal entity and disseminate to authorized users as the owner/agent deems appropriate.

Based on system design, the department cannot terminate the connection of a single user and allow all other connections to remain in place.

What is the difference between a Registered User and Guest Functions?

Guest functions are open to the general public and provide very limited system use. As a guest, no user registration is required, and the only two processes available for use are:

  • Searching the system database for highly limited information on issued licenses, and
  • Filing a complaint with this department.

Conversely, a registered user has full system use with edit capable access and privileges for any legal entity and licensed entities they are associated with through the use of system access codes. Please see, "What is an Access Code?" for additional.

What is the difference between a Job Number and License Number?

A Job Number is the number assigned an in-progress license application job. An application job could be a new license request, existing license renewal request, or a number of other administrative amendments to an existing licensed entity. The job number is used as a control number through the course of the department's handling of a license business matter in order to track and maintain separate record of the business transaction.

Once an application is approved, it is assigned a License Number that, in essence, becomes the numeric identity for a licensed entity.

In the new system, it will be typical for a legal entity to have many job numbers across time, but relatively low likelihood of having more than one license number.

Similarly, the concept of Job Number exists across other department business actions, such as Investigative Job Number, Audit Job Number, Compliance Job Number, and Liquor Board Job Number.

Can I start a license application job using the online system and finish it manually?

Yes and no. License applications submitted online must be completed through the "accepted" phase of the submission process. This includes payment of the application fee or other licensing fees due at the time of application submittal. A customer service representative will walk a customer through these steps in the application process.

The remaining steps can be done outside the system, but to the benefit of the customer, as much of the licensing application job experience as the system will allow for is capable of being done online. This includes receipt of the license certificate following approval and payment of final license issuance fees.

Payment Processing

What methods of payment will the online system accept?
The system accepts Visa, Mastercard American Express and Discover. The department is exploring expanding customer options.
Is it true there is a service fee to use the e-licensing system?
Yes. The cost is $7 per transaction. The system does allow for a customer to place multiple application jobs in a shopping cart for the payment of a single transaction.
Is it true the system can be used to pay for outstanding compliance matters?
Yes, but the system can only be used to pay in full, and will not accept partial payments.


Do I need a user account to file a complaint against a licensee?
No, guest functions are open to the general public.


I need help with completing business in the on-line system. How do I get staff support?
Customers with general new application licensing questions are encouraged to review the department's Applications Kits & Form webpage for detailed licensing information, and the department's Welcome to E-Licensing webpage for basic online system use information.

Users experiencing technical difficulties with the online system are encouraged to use the Troubleshooting E-Licensing webpage.

Remaining questions can be answered by submitting a question under the We are Listening section of the department's home webpage, calling the department's Licensing Division (602.542.5141), or visiting the Phoenix office located at 800 W. Washington St. 5th Floor (85007).

Note, the department is open weekdays from 8A - 5P Mountain Standard Time - Arizona. The department is closed weekends and holidays.
The e-license system appears to be malfunctioning, or is unavailable to access. What should I do?
The parent company to the department's e-licensing tool does periodic system updates and maintenance. During those periods, a user may find the system unavailable for use. Typical hours for system maintenance are evenings and weekends. If the system appears unavailable, check back periodically to see if it comes back online.

If the system appears present but is not functioning as expected, please visit the department's Troubleshooting E-Licensing webpage and submit a ticket.
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