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Department of Liquor Licenses and Control
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  1. A wholesaler may furnish, install, and maintain tapping equipment for a licensed retailer for use with all spirituous liquor. The wholesaler shall maintain ownership of the tapping equipment that is provided free.

  2. A wholesaler that sells tapping equipment listed in subsection (C) to a licensed retailer shall maintain a written record of the name and address of the licensed retailer to which the tapping equipment is sold, the equipment sold, and an invoice indicating payment was made. The wholesaler shall make these records available to the Department upon request.

  3. A wholesaler may only sell the following items to a licensed retailer for cash at the market value for the items:
    1. CO2 or other dispensing gas;
    2. CO2 or other dispensing gas regulator;
    3. CO2 or other dispensing gas filter;
    4. Faucet or complete faucet standard;
    5. Shank or bent tube;
    6. Air distributor;
    7. Blower assembly;
    8. Switch;
    9. Drip pan;
    10. P.V.C. pipe;
    11. Sanitizing materials,
    12. Backflow device,
    13. Coupling gasket,
    14. Beer pump,
    15. Tower,
    16. Trunk line, and
    17. Another item necessary to prepare and maintain a tapping-equipment system in proper operating condition.

  4. A wholesaler may replace at no charge to a licensed retailer the following items:
    1. Bonnet washer,
    2. Friction ring,
    3. Valve stem,
    4. Hardware, unions, clamps, air tees, and screws;
    5. Tapping devices, including tower heads; and
    6. Single air and beer lines.

  5. A wholesaler may clean a tapping-equipment system for a licensed retailer at no charge to the licensed retailer.

  6. This Section is authorized by A.R.S. § 4-243(A)(4).