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Department of Liquor Licenses and Control
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R19-1-702. Determining Whether to Grant a License for a Certain Location

  1. To determine whether public convenience requires and the best interest of the community will be substantially served by issuing or transferring a license at a particular unlicensed location, local governing authorities and the Board may consider the following criteria:
    1. Petitions and testimony from individuals who favor or oppose issuance of a license and who reside in, own, or lease property within one mile of the proposed premises;
    2. Number and types of licenses within one mile of the proposed premises;
    3. Evidence that all necessary licenses and permits for which the applicant is eligible at the time of application have been obtained from the state and all other governing bodies;
    4. Residential and commercial population of the community and its likelihood of increasing, decreasing, or remaining static;
    5. Residential and commercial population density within one mile of the proposed premises;
    6. Evidence concerning the nature of the proposed business, its potential market, and its likely customers;
    7. Effect on vehicular traffic within one mile of the proposed premises;
    8. Compatibility of the proposed business with other activity within one mile of the proposed premises;
    9. Effect or impact on the activities of businesses or the residential neighborhood that might be affected by granting a license at the proposed premises;
    10. History for the past five years of liquor violations and reported criminal activity at the proposed premises provided that the applicant received a detailed report of the violations and criminal activity at least 20 days before the hearing by the Board;
    11. Comparison of the hours of operation at the proposed premises to the hours of operation of existing businesses within one mile of the proposed premises; and
    12. Proximity of the proposed premises to licensed childcare facilities as defined by A.R.S. § 36-881.

  2. This Section is authorized by A.R.S. § 4-201(I).