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Department of Liquor Licenses and Control
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R19-1-105. Standards for a Non-contiguous Area of a Licensed Premises


  1. When an application is made for inclusion of a non-contiguous area in a licensed premises, the Department shall approve inclusion of the non-contiguous area only if the following standards are met:
    1. Unless application is made by a club licensee, the public convenience requires and the best interest of the community will be substantially served by approving inclusion of the non-contiguous area in the licensed premises;
    2. The non-contiguous area does not violate A.R.S. §4-207;
    3. The non-contiguous area will be a permanent part of the licensed premises;
    4. The walkway or driveway that separates the non-contiguous area from the remainder of the licensed premises is no more than 30 feet wide;
    5. The non-contiguous area is completely enclosed by a permanently installed fence that is at least three feet in height;
    6. Construction of the business premises in the non-contiguous area will comply with all applicable building and safety standards before spirituous liquor is sold or served in the non-contiguous area; and
    7. The licensee demonstrates control of the taking of spirituous liquor between the non-contiguous area and the remainder of the licensed premises.

  2. This Section is authorized by A.R.S. §4-101(31).