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Department of Liquor Licenses and Control
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A.R.S. ยง 4-207.03.  Extended premises; application; requirements; fee

  1. An on-sale spirituous liquor licensee may apply to the director to extend the licensed premises on an individual day or hour basis or on a regular recurring basis.  The application for an extended premises shall be on a form prescribed by the director.  The application shall contain plans and diagrams that completely disclose and designate the physical arrangement of the proposed extended premises.  The applicant licensee shall submit a copy of the application to the local governing body at least sixty days before submitting the application to the director.  The local governing body or the local governing body's designee may review the application and provide an advisory recommendation to the director. If the local governing body or the local governing body's designee completes the review and provides an advisory recommendation to the Director before the conslusion of the sixty-day period, the Director may act on the application before the expiration of the sixty-day period.
  2. The applicant licensee shall submit with the application a security plan.  The applicant licensee shall identify the security measures that will be implemented by the applicant licensee for the extended premises.  The security plan shall:
    1. Provide for the safety of patrons.
    2. Ensure that an individual who is under the legal drinking age does not purchase, possess or consume spirituous liquor on the extended premises.
    3. Prevent the unauthorized removal of spirituous liquor from the extended premises.
    4. Prevent the unauthorized carrying of spirituous liquor onto the extended premises.
  3. The applicant licensee shall file with the application and may modify from time to time a schedule showing the date and time periods when the extended premises will be in use. The applicant licensee shall provide at least ten days' written notice of the modification to the department.
  4. The right of a licensee to use an extended premises may be limited or revoked by the director for a violation of this title or any rule adopted pursuant to this title.
  5. The department may charge a fee in an amount prescribed by the director for the review and processing of applications.
  6. A licensee with extended premises may not allow an individual who is under the legal drinking age and who is not accompanied by a spouse, parent, grandparent or legal guardian of legal drinking age to remain in an area on the extended premises during hours in which the primary use of the premises is the sale, dispensing or consumption of spirituous liquor after the licensee or licensee's employees know or should have known that the individual is under the legal drinking age.