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Department of Liquor Licenses and Control
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  1. An off-sale retailer or an on-sale retailer shall post one or more signs on the premises where spirituous liquor is sold that clearly warn pregnant women of the dangers of consuming spirituous liquor during pregnancy. A sign shall be conspicuously placed in the retail establishment in a position that assures it is likely to be read.
  2. The sign required by this section shall contain the following language:
    Drinking alcoholic beverages, including
    distilled spirits, beer, coolers and wine,
    during pregnancy can cause birth defects."
  3. The department of liquor licenses and control shall prepare the signs required by this section and make them available at no cost to off-sale retailers and on-sale retailers.
  4. The signs required by this section shall be composed of block, capital letters printed in black on white laminated paper at a minimum weight of one hundred ten pound index. The lettering shall consume a space at least six inches by nine inches. The letters comprising the word "warning" shall be at least three-fourths of a vertical inch and all other letters shall be at least one-half of a vertical inch.
  5. An on-sale retailer shall post the sign required by this section either within twenty feet of each register where sales of spirituous liquor are made or behind the bar from which spirituous liquor is served.
  6. A hotel-motel licensee shall do one of the following:
    1. Post at least one sign that is required by this section and that is supplied by this state on the inside of the front door of each guest room that contains a mini-bar or in each guest room where spirituous liquor is available through room service.
    2. Display the warning language as set forth in subsection B in a space measuring at least one inch by two inches on a room service bar menu, mini-bar cost list, placard, folder, advertisement tent or similar item that is placed in a conspicuous place in each guest room that assures it is likely to be read.
  7. A retail licensee that uses a mobile service device for the sale of spirituous liquor shall display the sign required by this section on such mobile service device.
  8. Each off-sale licensee shall conspicuously post the sign required by this section where a customer obtains the spirituous liquor.
  9. The department shall adopt rules pertaining to the posting of the signs required by this section.
  10. Upon a determination that a licensee is in violation of the provisions of this section, the director shall notify the licensee of the violation. If, after thirty days, the licensee has not corrected the violation, the licensee is subject to a penalty not to exceed five hundred dollars.