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Department of Liquor Licenses and Control
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Rules as of February 9, 2024

This page was created as a courtesy to the public.
To see these Rules published by the state, please see Arizona Administrative Code Title 19 (Liquor Rules)

New: Leasing Off-Sale Privileges

Rule Number Title View Details
R19-1-101 Definitions View Rule
R19-1-102 Fees and Surcharges; Service Charges View Rule
R19-1-103 A.R.S. Title 4 Training Course: Minimum Standards View Rule
R19-1-104 Shipping Container Labeling; Shipping Requirements View Rule
R19-1-105 Standards for a Non-contiguous Area of a Licensed Premises View Rule
R19-1-106 Severability View Rule
R19-1-107 Electronic Signatures View Rule
R19-1-110 Sign Limitations View Rule
R19-1-201 Who May Apply for a License View Rule
R19-1-202 Application Required View Rule
R19-1-203 Registration of a Retail Agent View Rule
R19-1-204 Obtaining a Quota License View Rule
R19-1-205 Requirements for a Special Event License View Rule
R19-1-206 Criteria for Issuing a Restaurant License View Rule
R19-1-207 Extension of Premises View Rule
R19-1-208 Notice of Application for a Conveyance License View Rule
R19-1-209 Licensing Time frames View Rule
R19-1-301 Display of License View Rule
R19-1-302 Knowledge of Liquor Law; Responsibility View Rule
R19-1-303 Authorized Spirituous Liquor View Rule
R19-1-304 Storing Spirituous Liquor on Unlicensed Premises View Rule
R19-1-305 Paying Taxes Required View Rule
R19-1-306 Bottle Labeling Requirements View Rule
R19-1-307 Bottle Reuse or Refilling Prohibited View Rule
R19-1-308 Age Requirement for Erotic Entertainers View Rule
R19-1-309 Prohibited Acts View Rule
R19-1-310 Prohibited Films and Pictures View Rule
R19-1-312 Accurate Labeling of Dispensing Equipment Required View Rule
R19-1-314 Prohibited Inducement to Purchase or Consume Spirituous Liquor View Rule
R19-1-315 Responsibilities of a Licensee that Operates a Delivery Service View Rule
R19-1-316 Responsibilities of a Liquor Store or Beer and Wine Store Licensee View Rule
R19-1-317 Responsibilities of a Hotel-Motel or Restaurant Licensee View Rule
R19-1-318 Responsibilities of a Special Event Licensee View Rule
R19-1-319 Commercial Coercion or Bribery Prohibited View Rule
R19-1-320 Practices Permitted by a Producer or Wholesaler View Rule
R19-1-321 Practices Permitted by a Wholesaler View Rule
R19-1-322 Responsibilities of a Registered Retail Agent View Rule
R19-1-323 Underage Individuals on Licensed Premises View Rule
R19-1-324 Standards for Exemption of an Unlicensed Business View Rule
R19-1-325 Display of Warning Sign Regarding Consumption of Alcohol; Posting Notice Regarding Firearms View Rule
R19-1-326 Tapping Equipment View Rule
R19-1-327 Farm Winery Sampling View Rule
R19-1-401 Notice of License Surrender or Application Withdrawal View Rule
R19-1-402 Registered Retail Agent: Notice of Change in Cooperative-purchase Agreement; List of Cooperative Members View Rule
R19-1-403 Hotel-Motel or Restaurant Licensee: Notice of Change to Restaurant Facility View Rule
R19-1-404 Notice of Sampling on a Licensed Off-sale Retail Premises View Rule
R19-1-405 Notice of Change in Status: Active or Nonuse View Rule
R19-1-406 Notice of Change in Manager View Rule
R19-1-407 Notice of Legal or Equitable Interest View Rule
R19-1-408 Notice of Change in Business Name, Address, E-mail, or Telephone Number View Rule
R19-1-501 General Recordkeeping View Rule
R19-1-502 On-sale Retail Personnel Records View Rule
R19-1-503 Records Regarding Cooperative Purchases View Rule
R19-1-504 Record of Delivery of Spirituous Liquor View Rule
R19-1-505 Report Act of Violence View Rule
R19-1-601 Appeals and Hearings View Rule
R19-1-602 Actions During License Suspension View Rule
R19-1-603 Seizure of Spirituous Liquor View Rule
R19-1-604 Closure Due to Violence View Rule
R19-1-701 Election of Officers View Rule
R19-1-702 Determining Whether to Grant a License for a Certain Location View Rule
R19-1-703 Rehearing or Review of a Decision View Rule
R19-1-704 Submitting Documents to the Board View Rule
R19-1-705 Judicial Review View Rule
R-19-1-801 Leasing Off-sale Privileges: Preliminary Considerations View Rule
R-19-1-802 Leasing an Off-sale Privilege regarding Mixed Cocktails View Rule
R19-1-803 Leasing an Off-sale Privilege regarding Spirituous Liquor other than Mixed Cocktails View Rule
R19-1-804 Registration of an Alcohol Delivery Contractor View Rule