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For information regarding an existing liquor license, a submitted application, or license renewal, your Licensing Coordinator will be happy to assist you. Coordinators are assigned alphabetically by the last name of the owner/agent on the liquor license.

Licensing Division

800 W. Washington, 5th Floor
Phoenix, AZ 85007

Licensing Coordinators

Last Name
begins with:
LC Name Phone Number Email
A, B, G, I, P, Q, S Selena Gonzales 602-542-9040 [email protected]
C, D, F, M, N Tyra Alejandro 602-364-1898 [email protected]
E, K, R, W, X, Y, Z Christina Raya 602-542-9060 [email protected]
H, J, L, O, T, U, V Cynthia Abrigo 602-364-0674 [email protected]

Licensing Management

Role Name Phone Email
Licensing Manager Jennifer Benson 602-542-9057
Licensing Supervisor Venedici Pama 602-542-9056

General Licensing Information

Role Name Phone Email
Front Desk Sarah Gonzalez 602-542-2999

Licensing Division responsibilities include the processing of new license applications, permits, renewals, and keeping information up-to-date and accurate on active licenses. There were 12,174 active liquor licenses at year end FY 2016. During the last fiscal year, 1,476 new licenses were issued and 11,997 licenses were renewed.

For more information about the responsiblities of the Department of Liquor, please view the "About DLLC" tab on the top navigation bar of this website.


LC Name Phone Number Email
Chrissy Bilodeau 602-542-9038 [email protected]
Annie McKinney 602-542-9036 [email protected]