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The forms provided below are the most current forms. If you have a form that is dated prior to the Date Revised as shown below, please download the newer form.

Form Name Fillable/
Application, Interim Permit Notary 01/07/2019
Acquisition of Control Form Fillable 11/18/2015
Act of Violence Report Fillable 11/14/2014
ADA Notice 04/01/2009
Affidavit of Applicant/Controlling Person Fillable 02/12/2019
Affidavit of Posting Fillable 08/21/2015
Agent Change Fillable 11/18/2015
Alien Status Form Fillable 09/18/2018
Alien Status Frequently Asked Questions Fillable 01/13/2009
Annual Production Reporting Online Fillable 01/15/2015
Application Instructions 10/31/2018
Application, In-state Fillable 12/07/2018
Business Data Report Fillable 03/15/2017
Business Data Report - auto calculate Fillable 03/15/2017
Business Name/Address Change Fillable 07/25/2018
BYOB Fillable 08/14/2019
Club Application to Lock Door Fillable 08/24/2015
Coop Agreement Deactivation Fillable 02/19/2016
CO-OP Application Fillable 05/14/2019
Co-Op: Application for Registration of a Retail Co-Op Agent Fillable 05/14/2019
Cost Analysis Form Fillable 01/13/2012
Cost Analysis Form Instructions 05/01/2009
Craft Distiller Fair/Festival application Fillable 01/28/2019
Distillery Tasting Room Annual Report 11/19/2015
Domestic Farm Winery Privilege Sheet 11/08/2018
Employee Log 01/13/2012
Extension of Premises Fillable 01/25/2017
Farm Winery Fair/Festival application Fillable 01/28/2019
Fetal Alcohol Warning - English 05/01/2009
Fetal Alcohol Warning - Spanish 05/01/2009
File Deactivation (Surrender or Withdrawl) Fillable 09/11/2015
Firearms Frequently Asked Questions 09/02/2014
Firearms Signs 05/01/2011
Frequently Asked Questions About The Application 10/31/2018
Growler privilege application for Restaurant (12) Fillable 09/18/2018
Growler Statutes & TTB Policy 09/09/2015
Guidelines For Letter of Designation For Spokesperson 03/05/2012
ID Log 07/29/2014
Inactive/Active Status Fillable 03/20/2019
JOINT PREMISES PERMIT/EXT OF PREMISES (DLLC will not accept until after Aug 26) Fillable 07/10/2019
Legal Age To... 08/08/2017
Letter of Exemption - Military Personnel 08/24/2015
License Fees & Types 10/31/2018
License Types & Components 06/12/2015
Licensing Time Frames 10/31/2018
Liquor Cost Analysis 01/13/2012
Liquor Cost Analysis Instructions 05/01/2009
Liquor Taxes 10/16/2017
Local Governing Body Recommendation 08/21/2015
Lottery Winner License Application Fillable 05/01/2019
Microbrewery Frequently Asked Questions 09/24/2010
Non-Judicial Foreclosure Affidavit Fillable 08/20/2015
Out of State Producer, Winery, Craft Distillery and Microbrewery Application Fillable 02/24/2017
Privileges By License Type 08/08/2017
Protest Instructions - Liquor License Application 12/02/2013
Public Record Request Fillable 07/10/2019
Questionnaire Fillable 01/11/2018
Record of Delivery Fillable 07/27/2015
Refusal of Service Report Fillable 08/21/2015
REGIONAL RETAIL SHOPPING CENTER EXT OF PREMISES/PATIO PERMIT (DLLC will not accept until after Aug 26) Fillable 07/10/2019
Registered Retail Agent Application Fillable 09/11/2015
Remote Tasting Room Application Fillable 08/08/2017
Renewal Application Find & Print - Quick Tips 02/13/2014
Renewal Instructions 12/15/2016
Request For Disciplinary Hearing Fillable 10/28/2013
Required Records For Audit - Application Kit Form (requires notary) 09/04/2015
Restaurant Licensing Guidelines 05/01/2009
Restaurant Operation Plan Fillable 08/22/2018
Restructure Application 11/18/2015
Sampling Options 01/05/2017
Sampling Privileges Application Fillable 09/18/2018
Security Personnel Attestation Form Fillable 12/10/2018
Small Business Bill of Rights 08/24/2015
Special Event Application Fillable 02/08/2019
Special Event Licensee Training 06/16/2015
Stackable (Multiple) Licenses At One Location 11/08/2018
Statement of Legal and Equitable Interest Fillable 01/14/2016
Surrender/Withdrawal (File Deactivation) Fillable 09/11/2015
Title 4 Training Course Providers List 04/01/2012
Vertical Arizona Driver License 05/30/2017