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Adjudicated Violation & Underage Citation Reports

Adjudicated Violations

Adjudicated liquor violations will be posted permanently on this website to create a history for public access. The ability to search, sort, and download adjudicated violations by location, city/town/county, owner, etc. will become available with the eLicensing system.

Definition of ad·ju·di·cate. 1. Law. To hear and settle (a case) by judicial procedure. 2. To study and settle (a dispute or controversy): had to ask the school principal to adjudicate the quarrel. To award to (judicially).

Adjudicated Violation Report To Come Soon

Underage Citations

All reported citations issued to liquor-licensed locations for sale and/or service to persons under the age of 21 are listed below. Citations are classified by the reporting agency. DLLC began postintg this information in July 2011.

July 2011 Underage Citation Report