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Lottery Statutes

Liquor License Lottery Statutes

A.R.S. §4-206.01. Bar, beer and wine bar or liquor store licenses; number permitted; fee

A. The director shall determine the total number of spirituous liquor licenses by type and in each county. The director shall publish a listing of that information as determined by the director.

B. In each county, the director shall issue additional bar, beer and wine bar or liquor store licenses at the rate of one of each type for each additional ten thousand person increase over the population in that county as of July 1, 2010. For the purposes of this paragraph, the population of a county is deemed to be the population estimated by the Office of Employment and Population Statistics within the Arizona Department of Administration as of July 1 of each year.

C. A person issued a license authorized by subsection B of this section shall pay an additional issuance fee equal to the license's fair market value which shall be paid to the state general fund. The fair market value shall be defined to mean the mean value of licenses of the same type sold on the open market in the same county during the prior twelve months, but if there are not three or more such sales then the fair market value shall be determined by three appraisals furnished to the department by independent professional appraisers employed by the director.

D. The director shall employ professional appraisal services to determine the fair market value of bar, beer and wine bar or liquor store licenses.

E. If more than one person applies for an available license, a priority of applicants shall be determined by a random selection method prescribed by the director.

R19-1-204. Obtaining a Quota License

A. The number of quota licenses that the Department may issue in a county is limited.

B. Before issuing a new quota license in a particular county, the Department shall provide notice through available media of its intent to issue a new quota license, the particular kind of quota license to be issued, and invite interested persons in the county to inform the Department of their interest in the manner prescribed by the Department.

C. If the number of interested persons in a particular county exceeds the number of specified quota licenses available, the Department shall use a random selection method to determine priority of individuals who have applied for a new quota license.

D. Before a new quota license is issued to a successful applicant, the applicant shall pay:

  1. The issuance fee and applicable surcharges prescribed under A.R.S. §4-209;
  2. One-half of the annual renewal fee if the license will be issued less than six months before it is scheduled to be renewed; and
  3. The fair market value of the quota license, as determined by the Department.

E. This Section is authorized by A.R.S. §4-206.01.

The Arizona Department of Liquor Licenses and control is governed by Title 4 (Arizona liquor law) where you will find Arizona Revised Statutes. Arizona Administrative Code, also referred to as "Rules", are helpful guidelines which support and clarify Arizona liquor laws.

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