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In-state Producer Application Kit (Series 1)

Each application for a new liquor license includes The Arizona Statement of Citizenship and Alien Status For State Public Benefits Form (AKA Aliens Status Form). Beginning April 1, 2009, this Federal - and State - required form must be completed by;

  1. statutory agents;
  2. individual owners including Joint Tenants With Right of Survivorship (JTWROS); and
  3. each partner (who is a person) in a partnership including general and limited partners. This does not include corporations which are partners.

This non-transferrable liquor license allows an in-state producer to produce or manufacture beer, wine and distilled spirits (all spirituous liquor) and sell/deliver the product to a licensed wholesaler. A person who holds a producer's license may sell wine or distilled spirits produced by the producer at the producer's licensed premises.

A person who holds a producer's license may sell beer produced by the producer through the producer's own on-sale retail premises if:
  1. The producer also holds an on-sale retail license.
  2. The retail sale of the beer is on or adjacent to the premises of the producer.

Sampling is permitted only for new products or products unfamiliar to the person receiving the sample.

ADDITIONAL RIGHTS AND RESPONSIBILITIES: An in-state producer may not offer illegal inducements to a retailer nor engage in commercial coercion or bribery or other unlawful trade practices. An Employee Log must be kept by the licensee of all persons employed at the premises including each employee's name, dateof birth, address and responsibilities.

ARIZONA STATUTES AND REGULATIONS: A.R.S. §4-201, 4-205.04, 4-209, 4-243, 4-243.02, 4-202(E)(recordkeeping), 4-205.08(D), (F) & (G)(taxes)Rules R19-1-104 (shipping), R19-1-305 (taxes), R19-1-319 (coercion or bribery), R19-1-501 (recordkeeping).

Average Approval Time: Seventy-five (75) to one-hundred five (105) days.
Period of Issuance: One (1) year with option to renew.
Application Fees:
Non-refundable application fee: $100.00
Fingerprint fee per card: $22 Fingerprint Services
Interim Permit fee: $100.00
Fees Due Upon Approval:
Final fees (full year): $1,850.00
Final fees (half year): $1,675.00
Annual renewal fee (includes surcharge): $420.00