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Out-of-State Craft Distillery Application Kit (Series 02D)

An Out-of-state Craft Distillery produces not more than 20,000 gallons of distilled spirits annually.

This license has on- and off-sale retail privileges. The licensee may serve spirits produced on the premises for consumption on the premises, sampling, and in the original, sealed container for sales "to-go". The licensee may sell and deliver to consumers who order by telephone, mail, fax, catalogue or internet per A.R.S. §4-205.10(7).

An Out-of-state Craft Distillery that produces not more than 1,189 gallons of distilled spirits in a calendar year may self-distribute which means they may sell and deliver spirits produced on the premises to businesses licensed to sell distilled spirits in and out-of-state. Sales of distilled spirits produced by other craft distillers may not exceed 20 percent of sales by volume.

This license is non-transferable (person-to-person or location-to-location).

The licensee may apply for two (2) Remote Tasting Rooms (series 19) which are to be located in the State of Arizona.

The licensee must report annual production gallonage to the Arizona Department of Liquor annually. A.R.S. §4-205.10

ADDITIONAL RIGHTS AND RESPONSIBILITIES: Applicants, licensees, and managers must take a Title 4 training course (liquor handling, laws and regulations) prior to approval. A pregnancy warning sign for pregnant women consuming spirituous liquor must be posted within twenty (20) feet of the cash register or at point of display. Arizona Domestic Farm Wineries must be kept an Employee Log of all persons employed at the premises including each employee's name, date and place of birth, address and responsibilities. Licensees must submit an (the amount of wine manufactured)at the end of each calendar year. If the total amount of distilled spirits manufactured exceeds the amount permitted by a Series 18 license, the licensee shall apply for and receive a Series 01 license (In-state Producer).

ARIZONA STATUTES AND REGULATIONS: A.R.S. §4-119, 4-201, 4-202, 4-203, 4-205.10

Average Approval Time: Seventy five (75) to one hundred five (105) days.
Period of Issuance: One (1) year with option to renew.
Fees Due Upon Approval:
Final fees (full year): $600.00
Final fees (half year): $450.00
Annual renewal fee (includes surcharge): $370.00
Fingerprint fee per card: $22.00 Fingerprint Services