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Limited Out-of-state Producers License Application Kit (Series 2L

Limited Out-of-state Winery Application Kit (Series 2L)

The Limited Out-of-State Winery application is for wineries that ship/sell less than 240 gallons of wine produced on premises into Arizona per calendar year.

Liquor must be delivered to an Arizona liquor-licensed wholesaler, then an Arizona liquor-licensed retailer prior to delivery to the consumer.

Arizona assumes that out-of-state applicants have completed fingerprint and background check process when being licensed in their state and there is no need for duplication. Applicants may select the types of ownerships listed in the application instructions and dismiss any language that references a bona fide Arizona resident or in the name of a designated agent that meets the requirements of an individual licensee.

Each U.S. state has a unique Federal ATF Permit # which is requested on this application. Countries outside of the U.S. may complete this section with "n/a" (not applicable).

ADDITIONAL RIGHTS AND RESPONSIBILITIES: An out-of-state producer, exporter, importer or rectifier must comply with the provisions of Title 4(Arizona liquor law) in the same manner as an in-state licensee. Violations of Title 4 may result in a fine or civil penalty and the suspension or revocation of the right to do business in Arizona.

ARIZONA STATUTES AND REGULATIONS: A.R.S. 4-209(B)(15)(50 cases/yr), 4-205.04(C)(1)(to Arizona-licensed producers), 4-203.03(wine festival), 4-202(E)(recordkeeping), 4-205.08(D), (F) & (G)(taxes), Rules R19-1-104 (shipping), R19-1-305 (taxes), R19-1-319 (coercion or bribery), R19-1-501 (recordkeeping), R19-1-306 (labeling), R19-1-327 (sampling).

Average Approval Time: Seventy five (75) to one hundred five (105) days.
Period of Issuance: One (1) year with option to renew.
Application Fees:
Non-refundable application fee: $100.00
Interim Permit fee: n/a
Fees Due Upon Approval:
Final fees (December - May): $150.00
Final fees (June - November): $137.50
Annual renewal fee (includes surcharge): $95.00