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Liquor Licenses Status Definitions

The status of Arizona liquor licenses can vary. The definitions below provide general guidelines for each status type.


the establishment is operating and the liquor license is currently in good standing.


the license has expired and the licensee has not taken timely action to renew it by the expiration date.


the licensee has been placed in an inactive status and the business can no longer sell, store, serve liquor or receive liquor deliveries.

Interim Permit (I.P.):

"Interim permit" means temporary authorization issued under A.R.S. §4-203.01 allowing continued sale of spirituous liquor while an application is in pending status.

To qualify for an interim permit, there must be an "existing license" and a "license applicant" of the same series and location. The "existing license" means a license that is/was issued at the location within the most recent 24-months (A.R.S. §4-203(O)). The "license applicant" means the person wishing to operate the same type of liquor licensed business at the same lcoation. So business is not interrupted, a person applying for a liquor license may sell/serve/store liquor under the existing license while their new license is processed.

For the State to consider issuing an Interim Permit, the applicant needs the existing licensee must to agree to allow the license applicant to operate using their license. This is done by signing the Interim Permit section of the license application. If the premises is being leased by the license applicant, the applicant must submit a letter from the landlord stating that a new lease agreement with the applicant is in effect.


a license has been applied for, or change of the license status has been filed, but has not yet been approved.


a license automatically reverts to the state after being held in continuous nonuse in excess of thirty-six months.


the Department has revoked the license. This status is punitive.


the agent/owner/member/officer has surrendered the license to the Department. This status is not necessarily punitive in nature.


the Department has suspended the license for a designated period of time. This status is not necessarily punitive in nature.


a licensee who fails to renew the license on or before the due date may not sell, purchase or otherwise deal in spirituous liquor until the license is renewed. A license which is not renewed within sixty days after the due date is deemed terminated. The director may renew the terminated license if good cause is shown by the licensee. An application fee for an original license or the transfer of a license shall be one hundred dollars, which shall be retained by this state.